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We'll help you setup, convert to, and manage an S-Corporation, which is often part of advance tax planning.

We'll Make You an S-Corp with Accuracy

Looking to setup & maximize an S-Corp, but want a local professional to guide your through?

My name is Cory Marlow, and I'm the Executive Accountant and Owner of Marlow Accounting, and I'd love to connect to see if we're a good solution. 

S-Corps can be a key tool in your overall financial plan to maximize and keep your hard earned money. However, we must first perform a cost benefit analysis to determine if you will actually benefit for this new tax status.

S-Corp vs. LLC

If you're wondering what the tax difference between an LLC and an S-Corp. is, we will help you understand which business entity is right for your operations and goals. When you set up an S-Corporation, or if you convert using an S election or a 2553 form, you'll want to make sure that you get all the proper documentation, paperwork, payroll and guidance to do it right.

Performance Financial Tax and Accounting makes S-Corporations Easy

One of the best tax reduction strategies in the United States is using an S-Corp. Marlow Accounting can help you understand when is a good time to become an S-Corp, and how to convert to an S-Corp. If you're already a sole proprietor, we can provide all of the support services necessary so that you keep compliant and enjoy all of the benefits.

We Make S-Corps Easy for All Sizes of Companies

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur or contractor, or if you have a number of board members and owners, we have the capabilities to make it easy to comply with S-Corporation rules. Everything from our Bookkeeping and Payroll services, to our Tax Planning and Preparation services, we make having an S-Corporation easy.

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