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Tax, Bookkeeping & Accounting Services for Businesses


Business Tax & Accounting with a focus on lowering your taxes and more time for you to create your legacy!

Tax Services

Tax Services

Tax Services

  1. We perform expert preparation of tax returns for individuals and businesses

  2. We execute on detailed tax planning to make sure you are paying your fair share and not a penny more

  3. Review prior year returns for any missed opportunities

Accounting Services

Accountig Services

Basic Accounting Package

  • We provide timely, detailed management reports that help you gain better insight into your business's performance

  • We reconcile monthly cash, credit card, receivables and payables

  • We track depreciation and inventory

  • We accurately record loan payments and reconcile the balance to the bank statement

  • We assist with payroll support

Intermediate Accounting Package

  • All items from the basic accounting package are included

  • Monthly 1 hour meeting to review financial statements in depth to help the business better understand their financial position

  • Develop KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) specific to your business to give quick checks on overall performance.

Advanced Accounting Package

  • All items from the intermediate accounting package are included

  • We work directly with the management team to deliver key management support in all aspects of the business

  • We provide direct coaching and support to staff members of the business

  • We manage and design internal processes to help the business function smoothly and deliver timely results

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

We are always available to assist with advisory services. We have a wide range of industry knowledge that can help your business grow faster. Our services are not limited to the information below.


Budget planning, personal and business


Cash flow, collections planning and payment


Review business plans and provide detailed insight


Investing in Real Estate


Business startup and planning


Entity selection when forming a business


Compensation modeling for key employees


Analysis of S-Corp vs LLC


Financial forecasting


Inventory and fixed asset purchasing decisions

Business Tax Prep

We will file and prepare your business tax returns and so much more. 1120S Tax prep, Schedule C, 1040, C-Corp, LLC and S-Corp.

Business Tax Prep

Business Tax Returns Done Right

Don't settle for anything less than a business tax expert. Rest assured it's done perfectly.

Not Too Busy for In-Depth Tax Analysis

We specialize in examining tax returns to identify, recommend and then implement aggressive tax planning.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

Looking for a virtual bookkeeping service that also has sophisticated tax planning knowledge & business acumen?  That's just a portion of what you'll experience with virtual bookkeeping services by Marlow Accounting.

  • Accurate financials

  • Pro-active tax planning based upon data

  • Monthly Profit & Loss & custom reports

  • Our Bookkeeping is done by business and tax gurus

Business Startup

Startups should focus on their business, not learning how to navigate bureaucracy and accounting standards.  We'll help you choose the right entity, obey tax law, and implement best practices to make life easy & more protected.

Business Startup
Business Meeting

Stop Wasting Time, We've Done This Before

Business startups sit in neutral, losing money and wasting precious time trying to figure it all out. We'll make your startup much easier.

Best Practices to Protect Yourself

We'll help you do things right so you don't risk breaking the law or making a mistake.

Tax Tricks & Wealth Strategies

We'll help point you in a direction that leads to tax efficient wealth, financial momentum and a better future.

LLC vs. S-Corp

What's the tax difference between an LLC and S-Corp for your business?

LLC vs. S-Corp

How do Self Employment Taxes Work?

We'll help you understand your self employment taxes, how to pay them, and the opportunities to reduce them.

How to Pay Taxes as an LLC vs. S-Corp?

We'll help you understand your self employment taxes, how to pay them, and the opportunities to reduce them.

Retirement Plans for LLC's vs. S-Corp

What type of retirement plan should be used for S-Corps vs. LLC's?

Payroll Solutions for S-Corps

What entities need a payroll solution, how should owners pay themselves & how should it work?

Business People Applauding

How do I convert to an S-Corp?

Should you convert from an LLC to an S-Corp, or should you start out as an S-Corp? When's a good time for an S-Election.

What's a Reasonable Salary for S-Corps?

How should you determine your salary if you've become an S-Corp?  What are the IRS rules about S-Corp salaries?

What is a 2553 Form?

How can you convert to an S-Corp using the 2553 forms, how can you avoid mistakes and S-Election rejections?

When and How can I Convert to S-Corp?

What are the rules to S-Corp conversions and setups?

What are the advantages of working with a tax professional when filing taxes? 

There are several key advantages of working with a tax professional when it comes to filing your taxes. The first and perhaps most important advantage is the elimination of uncertainties. By enlisting the help of a tax professional, you can rest assured that your tax filing will be handled accurately and efficiently, leaving no room for errors or potential penalties.


One of the primary benefits of working with a tax professional is their extensive knowledge and expertise in all tax situations. They are well-versed in the ever-changing tax laws and regulations, ensuring that your tax return is prepared in compliance with the latest rules. This knowledge also enables them to identify and maximize deductions, exemptions, and other tax-saving opportunities that you may not be aware of when filing on your own.


Another advantage of having a tax professional on your side is their commitment to getting you the best return possible. They will diligently review your financial records, identify any potential areas for optimization, and work with you to ensure that you receive all eligible credits and deductions. This personalized attention can significantly increase your tax refund or minimize the amount of taxes owed.


Unlike tax software companies that emphasize the convenience of do-it-yourself (DIY) filing, a tax professional offers personalized advice and guidance throughout the year, not just during tax season. They can provide insights on financial planning, tax strategies, and any changes in tax laws that may affect your individual or business taxes. This ongoing support allows you to make informed decisions and proactively address any tax-related matters.


Ultimately, choosing to work with a tax professional, such as Centsable Accounting, for your individual or business tax return services ensures that you have a dedicated partner who is committed to your financial success. They will navigate the complexities of the tax code, maximize your tax benefits, and provide peace of mind knowing that your taxes are being handled accurately and professionally.

How can I get help with filing my tax return in Billings, Montana and surround areas? 

1. Why is it important to not solely rely on tax software?

Relying solely on tax software for your financial management can be risky. Tax laws are intricate and constantly changing, making it easy to miss critical updates when depending solely on software. Additionally, tax software offers a one-size-fits-all approach, overlooking the uniqueness of your financial situation. Human tax professionals can provide personalized advice, interpret complex tax matters, and offer valuable support during audits. They can also identify tax-saving opportunities that software might miss and help prevent costly user errors. To make the most of your finances while avoiding potential pitfalls, it's crucial to balance technology with human expertise.

2. Are the services provided by this tax service affordable?

At Marlow Accounting, we prioritize cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. Our transparent pricing structure ensures you know what to expect, and our tailored service packages cater to various budgets, from individual taxpayers to businesses. We're committed to delivering value for your investment by maximizing your savings through the expertise of our professionals. Additionally, our free initial consultation allows you to explore your tax needs without financial commitment. With customized solutions and a focus on your financial well-being, we make accessing expert tax assistance affordable and efficient, ensuring your peace of mind.


3. What services does this tax service provide?

Explore our wide array of comprehensive tax and financial services at Marlow Accounting. Our services include bookkeeping to keep your financial records organized, efficient payroll management, individual tax preparation to maximize refunds, and meticulous business tax preparation. We also offer thorough tax analysis to identify potential savings and strategic tax planning to secure your financial future. With our expert team, you can trust that your financial and tax needs will be met effectively and professionally.


4. How long has this tax service been assisting individuals and business owners with their tax returns?

Our tax service has been dedicated to providing expert assistance to individuals and business owners with their tax returns for several years. We have a proven track record of helping clients navigate the complexities of taxation and achieve their financial goals through our professional services.


5. Where can I get help with filing my tax return in Billings, Montana and surrounding areas?

At Marlow Accounting, we make filing your tax return in Billings, Montana, a hassle-free experience. Whether you prefer in-person assistance, virtual consultations via Zoom, or the convenience of our secure online client portal, we're here to meet your tax needs in a way that suits you best. Our dedicated experts are ready to provide the support you require, ensuring a smooth and stress-free tax filing process.
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