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About Marlow Accounting

Marlow Accounting is a professional accounting firm focused on helping each client achieve their goal while providing useful information to aid in making educated decisions. The firm provides the following services. Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, Industry Analysis, and Other Accounting Services.

We provide a personalized service to every client.

  • The firm will meet with clients quarterly and yearly to discuss opportunities for growth, recommendations on improvements, and a detailed industry comparison to show strengths and possible weaknesses of their company. 

  • Developing a unique onboarding system that is adjusted to each client to improve the overall transitional phase. 

We increase the outreach and communication with all clients. 

  • Clients will receive a monthly e-newsletter providing practical and useful tax tips and planning. 

  • Quarterly newsletters, 2-4 pages long, will be mailed which will provide a more in-depth study on recent tax cases and law changes. 

  • Yearly detailed analysis on the firms’ financials showing how they compare with their competitors and areas for advancement. 

We eliminate unexpected billing and confusion.

  • All clients will be given a set monthly fee over the contracted period which is designed to include over 90% of the anticipated costs with the client. Any non-contracted work will first be approved by the client before any work is performed. 

  • The firms’ books will be updated, and the accounts will be reconciled weekly to ensure no payments or charges are missed. 

  • All contracted services are paid one month in advance to ensure work is paid before performed. 

We increase the client’s value in themselves and their view of the accountant by providing up to date information and quality service. 

  • Firm will use up to date industry financial analysis software which will allow the clients to make educated decisions.

  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly newsletters will be provided to each client informing them about important tax planning tips and recent tax changes. 

The Team

Marlow Group LLC is focused on providing a personalized service to every client and ultimately helping each business owner and individual make educated decisions. We specialize in bookkeeping, payroll, tax return preparation, tax compliance, tax planning, and industry analysis comparison. Our firm eliminates hidden fees by not charging by the hour but being honest and straight forward with our services.

Let us work with you, not just for you. 

Cory Marlow

Owner | Executive Accountant

Marlow Group LLC will be founded by Cory Marlow of Billings, Montana. He received his bachelor’s in accounting at Montana State University of Billings. He worked his way up at a local accounting firm and prior to his resignation he was the account manager for over 250 clients. After ten years of experience he opened up his own firm. 

During his time at the public accounting firm, he has serviced the following industries: construction, real estate, cannabis, online retail store, brick and motor retail store, real estate management, at-home services, real estate development, real estate investors, medical services, and more.

Mr. Marlow has worked hard providing the best possible service to each of his clients during his time working as an employee. Fortunately, he has discovered many areas of improvement within the public accounting industry and started his own business to offer unique services not offered elsewhere and provide a personalized, but professional, relations with each client.

Phone: (406) 969-8887

Fax: (208) 481-4364

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